Tooth Extraction

Quality Tooth Extraction Services in Dandenong

When you have a damaged or decaying tooth that we cannot repair with a filling or crown, sometimes the best option for your oral health is to remove it before it creates other problems.

Fortunately, our dentists have all the training, experience, and skill to make tooth extractions gentle, safe, and as painless as possible. For a smooth and relaxing Dandenong tooth extraction experience for children and adults, contact EDentist Dandenong.

What Is a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a very common procedure in dentistry. While it is a relatively non-invasive procedure, it often involves minor surgery. If you have a severely decayed tooth, your dentist may perform an extraction to pull the tooth out. When teeth are severely damaged or trapped beneath the gum line, your dentist will perform a surgical extraction to cut into the gum and remove the tooth.

Wisdom tooth removal is an example of surgical extraction we perform here at EDentist Dandenong. Around the age of 15 to 20, new molars grow in the back of the mouth, which can cause crowding or infections. Our dental surgeons at EDentist surgically remove these teeth to protect your oral health.

What to Expect During Your Tooth Extraction in Dandenong

First, your dentist inspects the tooth and takes X-rays of the root structure to decide if it is safe to pull. If we determine that extraction is necessary, we’ll explain how the procedure works so you know what to expect.  For a simple extraction, the dentist uses a local anaesthetic, then gently rocks the tooth back and forth with forceps until it comes out. If the tooth has decayed or broken down to the gum line, they may use general anesthesia before making an incision in the gums to remove the remaining tooth roots.

Once the tooth is out, your dentist will clean the socket to prevent infection or dry socket and stitch up the incision. Once you book your online consultation you’ll be taken to the Thank You page

Types of Tooth Extractions

EDentist has skilled and compassionate dental technicians who can turn a daunting dental appointment into a pleasant experience. We know that many people feel anxiety when visiting the dentist. Our dentists and oral surgeons handle tooth extraction in Dandenong with care and empathy. The longer a damaged or decaying tooth remains in your mouth, the more it will deteriorate–making the removal more complicated.

For the most dedicated and qualified dental technicians for tooth extraction in Dandenong, come to EDentist.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth can grow improperly and become trapped beneath the gum line, where they push against other teeth, causing misalignment, acute pain, and infections. We surgically remove wisdom teeth to keep your mouth healthy.

Surgical Extractions

These kinds of extractions are for teeth stuck beneath the gum line. Broken or impacted teeth require surgical extractions where a doctor drills away gum tissue and bone to remove them.

Simple Extractions

In a simple extraction procedure, the dentist can remove the tooth by simply pulling it out with forceps–requiring no incision or drilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dry socket is an ailment that occurs when the clot that forms over the socket dissolves or breaks away. To prevent dry socket, flush the socket with warm salt water several times a day. Do not smoke while you are healing from a tooth extraction.

After tooth extraction, your dentist will give you gauze to chew on for a few hours and suggest using an ice pack to reduce the swelling. They may also prescribe pain relievers to help minimise discomfort.

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