Improve Your Oral Health with Quality Dental Fillings from EDentist Dandenong

Few dental issues are more widespread than cavities. Fortunately, dental fillings resolve troublesome cavities and restore your teeth’s integrity, structure, and more. At EDentist Dandenong, we offer high-quality dental fillings to Dandenong residents wanting to restore their teeth and improve their oral health.

From dental fillings to emergency oral care, EDentist Dandenong has the experience necessary to handle all your dental care needs at prices that won’t break the bank.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Fillings are essential for fixing cavities and improving oral health after experiencing tooth damage or a cavity. Amalgam fillings are exceedingly robust and work best for molars, while composite fillings mirror your natural teeth’s appearance, making them ideal for front teeth. Our dentist will examine your teeth and your cavity’s severity to determine which filling material works best for your situation.

Although dental fillings come in several types, composite fillings are the most prevalent. Unlike other filling varieties, composite fillings resemble your natural teeth’s colour for an unnoticeable appearance. The EDentist Dandenong team has extensive experience with every dental filling type and can help restore your teeth while helping your smile reach its full potential.

What Causes Cavities?

Dentists use dental fillings in Dandenong to resolve cavities more than any other oral health issue. Cavities form when bacteria build up on your teeth, causing chemical reactions that erode tooth enamel over time. The reactions create holes within a tooth’s structure called cavities.

Failing to address cavities often leads to more significant dental problems like tooth decay, severe pain, and even tooth loss. Dental fillings restore cavity-ridden teeth while preventing further damage. They enhance the tooth’s shape, durability, and colour (if you receive composite fillings), significantly improving oral health and tooth function.

Why Choose EDentist Dandenong for Your Dental Fillings

Our team utilises an efficient dental filling process to ensure that your fillings maintain optimal strength and functionality for as long as possible. After examining your mouth, we clean the affected tooth, remove the infection, disinfect the cavity, and fill the hole with a natural tooth-coloured dental amalgam (or the filling material of your choice) to increase the tooth’s integrity while preventing further damage.

Our dental fillings provide numerous benefits, including:

Improve Tooth Strength

Cavities dramatically reduce a tooth’s strength, making it more susceptible to cracks and fractures. Dental fillings restore your damaged tooth’s robustness, allowing you to eat hard foods without issue.

Prevents Further Damage

Cavities often worsen over time, especially if you don’t maintain your daily dental care routine. However, dental fillings prevent further tooth deterioration, keeping your teeth healthy while protecting sensitive nerve endings.

Improve Appearance

Severe cavities can affect your smile and your self-confidence. Tooth-coloured composite fillings restore the cavity-ridden tooth to its natural colour, improving your appearance while boosting self-confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most dental fillings last between seven to ten years, depending on the material. However, if you properly maintain your teeth, you can extend the filling’s longevity. When you come in for regular checkups with our EDentist team, we’ll examine your fillings to determine when to replace them.

After placing the filling, your dentist will smooth out the edges and make sure that it fits comfortably and securely in your mouth. To minimise discomfort during the procedure, your dentist will administer a local anaesthetic, which will leave your mouth feeling numb for a few hours following the procedure.

To ensure a successful recovery, your dentist will give you specific after-care instructions.

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