From Pain to Price: A Guide to Root Canal Costs

Teeth are among the most vital part of the human body, and their enamel keeps them strong. Under the enamel is a weaker layer known as dentin, where all the blood vessels and nerves reside. When a cavity progresses through time, it eats through the enamel, then dentin, and then it can make its way to the vessels. When the cavity goes that big, root canal treatment is the only way to save a tooth.

This article will inform you about the types, benefits and root canal costs. Read on to know more.

What are the Types of Root Canal Treatment?

The primary purpose of root canal treatment is to save and repair badly decayed and infected teeth. The following are the different types of root canal treatments:

  • Non-Surgical Treatment

It is a non-surgical procedure in which the infection or the inflammation in the tooth is treated.

  • Apicoectomy

In this procedure, the tip of the root of the tooth and the infected tissue is removed. It is a microsurgical technique and becomes necessary if other standard methods fail.

  • Secondary Treatment

When the non-surgical procedure cannot resolve the issue, secondary treatment is needed for the root canal.

  • Pulpectomy

This root canal procedure is for children. The process is done when removing the entire tooth pulp is necessary.

  • Pulpotomy

This procedure is also performed on a child, but it is done by removing the damaged pulp and the nerve from the tooth’s crown.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment

The root canal cost varies because of the infected tooth’s location and insurance. If the tooth is further back in the mouth, it can be more challenging to treat, making it expensive. The cost of a root canal is anywhere between $2,000 and $3,400 if an endodontic surgeon performs it.

The insurance can either cover all or none of the treatment. An individual should contact the insurance and get all the details regarding the root canal treatment. Although dentists in Australia are free to set the fees, the prices depend on the dentist’s overhead, location and experience. 

What Benefits Does Root Canal Treatment Offer?

  • It is a Pain-free Procedure

A few things could be clarified surrounding the root canal treatment. Many people think it is a painful procedure, but in reality, it involves less pain and discomfort than a tooth extraction. These days, endodontists utilise adequate anaesthesia and modern techniques to minimise pain during and after root canal treatment.

  • You Get Efficient Chewing

It gets difficult for people to chew after a tooth abscess, as it causes swelling and pain. However, after the root canal treatment, there is a filling or a crown on the tooth, and one can expect a comfortable chewing, biting and smiling experience.

  • It Stops the Spreading of Infection

The root canal treatment can successfully remove the bacteria that cause infection. Therefore, it cannot spread to other areas of the mouth, including soft tissues, jawbone and facial spaces. The root canal is disinfected after removing the infected pulp, and it stops the spread of tooth decay.

Address Tooth Decay with Root Canal Treatment in Dandenong, VIC, Australia

The best way to address severe tooth decay is root canal treatment. The root canal cost depends on the procedure, materials and equipment. Our dentists in Dandenong offers the best root canal treatment for the patient to ensure their teeth remain efficient and functional. Our specialists come with better expertise and clinical skills, have all the necessary equipment and have a higher success rate.

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